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I try to do all my own maintenance and keep a close eye on potential problems, however with a complicated rig such as these motorhomes are it is a moumental task.Note to Lil Trucker: From the description of you post it sounds like a loose wire on the hot side to the ignition switch.As we kept on driving I called Country Coach and they got the experts together and came to the conclusion the we experienced a sensor failure in the fuel management system."Get to Cummins as soon as you can" they told me and they will install the update on the engine.

Cummins in Phoenix fixed the problem, all under warranty and so far that is the only scare we have had.

Most gas engine breaksowns are overheating including vporlock or electrical. RV particulars: Holiday Rambler Imperial 40 wds Driveline (Engine, Transmission): 325 C8.3, Alison md3060 Miles: 58,000 Year: 1998 Break Down Description: Symptoms: No air Effect: can’t drive Cause: Governor Outcome: Replaced governor I had the rig loaded up wife in her seat with the wiener dogs opened the gates started the motor up and the air pressure wouldn’t come up.

Walked in circles for a minute and thought hey I’ll call my friend Louie; he’s a diesel mechanic and only works a block from my house.

RV particulars: Driveline (Engine, Transmission): Miles: Year: Break Down Description: (You can add any description of the problem here that you think would help others in understanding the situation and problem.) Symptoms: Effect: Cause: Outcome: This is the type of information that is recorded in the aircraft industry and other maintenance activities to track failure trends.

It will take a while before we see a lot of value in this.

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