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The Family of Musics *-* If you love drama- this show is perfect.

Might get ridiculous at times-this girl sleeps with this guys brother, brother kills him, son hates him so he sleeps with his mother.

There were other great shows who get some publicity but should of gotten way more like the recently departed shows in Dexter, The Bridge, and The Killing.

A few great shows received awards recently and was well deserved as True Detective and Fargo and The Affair got some buzz and received a best drama award, but not the roar Empire gets.

Advice to the writers, easy on the gay scenes(we get it HE's Gay), easy on the b word (we GEt it Cookie is not sweet) and more substance in us understanding who these people are in relation to how it all came to be. With all the good television out there how is this show the most talked about show and gets the best ratings.

As a community project free tv will sustain and remain alive through your constant feedback and support.

The Duet I mentioned in my latest review below can be found on You Tube, along with the series' other music on Empires VIVO You Tube account!

This show is about family, about love, about music!

It's about how this pretty disfuctional family can work through all that it's bad and still be strong as one at the end of the day.

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