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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Jos-index-v0-n0-1991-item1-page1Title: The Journal of the Oughtred Society Author: Editor Summary: Background leading to, the reasons for, and the plan to start formal publication of the Journal of the Oughtred Society Keywords: Journal of the Oughtred Society Jos-index-v0-n0-1991-item2-page3Title: The June Meeting in Oakland Author: Rodger Shepherd Summary: Meeting of nine attendees exhibiting their collections and discussion of supporting slide rule collecting in future by: (a) forming a society, (b) forming a publication, or (c) doing both.Jos-index-v0-n0-1991-item6-page9Title: The Charpentier Calculator Author: Bob Otnes Summary: Description of Charpentier metal circular slide rule, its scales and tables listing K&E and Dietzgen catalog editions offering them for sale, very rare only two known to author, figure from 1897 K&E catalog illustrating Charpentier Calculator.

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Ads to make jigsaw puzzles out of slide rules and mounting brackets to install on motorcycle handlebars.

Williams) Summary: A translation of a 1925 German book, Die Rechenmashinen and now available as Volume 16 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing and available from MIT Press Keywords: Martin E., calculating machines, jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item14-page44Title: Information. Summary: Excerpt from book "The First Quarter of my Life" published 1936, which describes the Author's early years. 2): Cleaning and Servicing K&E Slide Rules Author: Shepherd, Rodger Summary: Describes how to clean and restore K&E Slide Rules.

Author: Editor Summary: Description of the rules used by the British Inland Revenue Service to determine volume of alcohol containers and how purpose-built slide rules were used to determine the volumes for tax purposes. Keywords: cleaning slide rules, K&E, Softscrub jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item15-page40Title: The Runner Author: Larson, Mel Summary: A short discussion on the slide rule runner, indicator or cursor and the different types employed over the years. Keywords: framed glass runner, cylindrical sleeve frame with glass, frameless glass runner, light framed glass runner, light plastic runner, all plastic runners, jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item16-page47Title: Runner, Indicator, or Cursor?

Keywords: Grade, condition, linear, circular, Mannheim, simplex, simplex disk, duplex, duplex disk, half duplex, polyphase, reitz, Darmstadt.

jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item5-page11Title: Slide Rule Pencils. Author: Otnes, Bob Summary: Describes three pencils with built-in slide rules, with photos.

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