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Several of the keys are demonstrated more frequently than others, so a single box to plug the keys and paddles into seemed to be a very useful idea.And it can be adapted to shack situations where you want to connect more than one keying device to a single radio.Plugs for paddles will always be "stereo" or two conductors plus a shield or "common" wire. In many cases a mono plug cannot be used in a stereo jack.That's because the plug will short the ring connection to the sleeve inside the jack.Tinned bus wire is very easy to work with in this situation, as it is a continuous run that is soldered to the appropriate terminals on the jacks.If you use ordinary hookup wire you will need to cut small pieces to go between the jacks, or strip "spots" along a continuous wire.

DISPONIBILITA' IMMEDIATA LA VERA RIVOLUZIONE DELLE CAM VEDERE PER CREDERE NUOVA VERSIONE 3.01 ADATTA PER NDS IN FUTURO Blue Ice Crypt NO ZAP Fee X TV 6 MESI Dont Panic CAM da inserire in ricevitori dotati di almeno 1 slot Common Interface A differenza della Joker alias sky Cript (sono la stessa cosa), la Ice Cript consente la visione di N.My shop includes a showroom where folks can lay hands on a variety of keys, bugs, paddles, and associated keying equipment.The demo keyer is the Logi Key K5, which also functions as a code practice oscillator.In the case of the jacks to be used with mono plugs (straight keys), the ring connection is not used.I wired the tip connections in common with the ring connections on the jacks to be used with stereo plugs (paddles).

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