Online dating violence memes

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Twitter users made jokes about how they'll try to use the feature to hack into their significant others' and friends' phones.Everyone made the same Game of Thrones joke about Arya Stark.The new futuristic facial recognition feature also prompted many memes, with internet commenters joking about the less savory ways they could use the feature to break into others' phones.Twitter users expressed their shock at the hefty price tag following Apple's highly-anticipated unveiling today, sharing images of characters with eyes bulged in surprise, and in some cases, even fainting.But when a conservative free speech rally in Berkeley last weekend devolved into an all-out brawl between far-right groups and far-left ones, Damigo got to play war games again.I was there covering the demonstration, which early on spilled out of a park and onto the streets of downtown Berkeley.

Released alongside the i Phone 8 and i Phone 8 Plus, the new 'anniversary' i Phone X has inspired countless memes and jokes online, focused largely on the device's record-high debut price.

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has been named a suspect in a domestic violence police report that was obtained by TMZ Sports but as of right now, Elliott has not been charged nor has been arrested.

A woman named Tiffany Thompson, who is known to be Elliott’s girlfriend posted photos on her Instagram account showing bruises that she alleges are from Elliott.

Yet, minutes before assuming the role of lieutenant, Damigo had punched an antifascist protestor named Louise Rosealma.

(Antifascists, or antifa, are an anarchist group that believes in stopping far-right extremism at any cost, including violence and doxxing.) Within hours, video of the altercation would sweep across social media, and extreme-right corners of the internet would hail Damigo as a folk hero.

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