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There are common formats for job interviews, described in detail, below.

By knowing a bit more about each type and being aware of techniques that work for each, you can plan to be on your game no matter what form your interview takes.

Learn exactly what is meant by “business casual,” and see the specific types of attire appropriate for men and women.

Plan to bring your résumé, cover letter, and a list of references to the interview.

In the “Interview Questions” section below, you’ll learn more about specific questions you will likely be asked and corresponding strategies for answering them.

At the De Paul University Career Center and Career Web site, click on Interview Dress to see three videos on dressing for success in your job interview.

Being prepared to answer this question shows that you took time and effort to prepare for the interview and that you have a genuine interest in the organization.

It shows good care and good planning—soft skills you will surely need on the job.

Pick your references and examples carefully in the questions you pose. Probably not okay to mention in an interview (depending on company culture). For the majority of companies, we would warn against asking this question.Researching the company will give you a wider view of what the company is looking for and how well you might fit in.Your prospective employer may ask you what you know about the company.When you prepare for an interview, your first step will be to carefully read and reread the job posting or job description.This will help you develop a clearer idea of how you meet the skills and attributes the company seeks.

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