Old english hexateuch online dating

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Number thirteen, Dominica V in Quadragesima, describes when the Trinity visited Abraham, and Aelfric also comments on the significance of that same patriarch’s thigh.

Number fourteen, Dominica Palmarum: De Passione Domini, connects the crown of thorns with the briers of the Fall.

The first section deals with prose, the next with poetry, and the last with two prominent narratives that sprawl throughout the corpus.

Genesis manifests itself in five ways throughout OE prose: (1) the writings of Aelfric (his homilies and other treatises), (2) translations of the biblical text from Latin, (3) computus, (4) history, and (5) philosophy.

The first book of the Bible plays a key role in Aelfric’s narrative of salvation history, which he briefly presents in the Letter to Sigeward.

Genesis also inspires him to write a bit of exegesis in a letter now called the Preface to Genesis.

The first homily, De Initio Creaturae, presents a brief religious history.

There is an uneven distribution of material across these five categories, though each shall be considered in its own right.

Aelfric of Eynsham (c.950–c.1010) was wonderfully prolific.

The homilies appear mainly in Aelfric’s two series of Catholic Homilies.

Each series of Catholic Homilies contains forty compositions.

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