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If this keeps up, I might have to start rejecting any mail from my users destined to Yahoo because the queuing on my servers is getting out of hand.

We´ve moved most of our freelance employee´s away from their accounts.

Also, the admin on a Yahoo Freecycle group posted today they saw over 500 address bouncing!

It seems this issue is impacting Yahoo´s own services as well. Of course their mail servers are having capacity issues. If you block the first attempt at delivery of each message, most legit servers will try again, and again, and again.

It´s interesting to note that yahoo is now censoring their message boards with regards to this issue.

(They have a high incentive because work is on a first-come-first serve basis.

It´s tricker with clients to try and explain why our e-mails are delayed by many hours and are ending up in their junk mail folder.

We do know that the Domain Keys is working because test emails that did go through show a "Domain Keys verified that this email came from domain.com". I would love to hear more stories from others, but only have our experience to work from.

For any of you that think that this is a "limited" case or you are the only one, I´ve already had over 130 hits from Google in the last 24 hours from people searching for information about this very issue. I first noticed this last Friday and it was sporadic then.

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