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Mehr erfahren Drei Nächste bleiben, nur zwei Nächte zahlen - und die Berlin Welcome Card gibt es gratis dazu!Lassen Sie sich das nicht entgehen und buchen Sie jetzt ihr Hotel Sparangebot mit der Berlin Welcome Card!Mehr erfahren Ganz egal, ob Sie einen Besuch auf dem Fernsehturm, der Museumsinsel oder im Theater planen: Die spannendsten Seiten Berlins lassen sich mit der Berlin Welcome Card einfach und günstig erleben.Sparen Sie bis zu 50% bei den beliebtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten!Im visit Berlin Souvenirshop finden Sie eine Vielzahl dekorativer, praktischer und klassischer Berlin-Souvenirs.Von Ampelmann bis Buddy Bear, hier entdecken Sie Inspirationenen für Mitbringel aus der Haupstadt und persönlichen Reiseandenken.They don't really have the time to argue whether you are on a round trip or were forced to make a detour because of network [email protected] I sometimes wondered about that as well, especially given the density of the Berlin transit network.They can't really check if you are taking the most direct route or find out if you are already on your way back but I guess they could still fine you if you are on a train heading to your departure station (i.e.

If you look at a validated ticket, you will also notice the name of the station, which is especially useful for -tickets, which are valid for up to three stations on the U-Bahn or S-Bahn or to verify you haven't done a round-trip (which is not allowed on a single-trip ticket). Since you don't have to use them on the day you bought them, they aren't valid if you don't ‘punch’ them with the machine when you do want to use them.

You may or may not recognize them (they may disguise as regular passengers). The small machines put a time stamp (and perhaps code of the station where you stamped it) onto the ticket.

When you buy a ticket, it's normally not valid yet, since it doesn't have a date on it. After you put it into the machine, it has a time stamp on it and is valid for whatever period that ticket's supposed to be valid for.

Edit: Gayot Fow adds that the people checking tickets show their IDs while doing so after the doors are closed.

I have never heard of anyone getting fined for using the same ticket on the way back though.

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