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It was a very slow selling model but managed to stick around until approximately the year 2000 when it was quietly retired.It has been estimated that only around 25000 Oysterquartz watches were produced during the entire 25 year production run making it one of the rarest regular production Rolex watches.

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Perhaps only a few thousand of the solid 18 karat yellow gold models were produced in the 25 year model run.Pan Am wanted it’s professional pilots to be equipped with the finest in navigational timing equipment befitting their persona.The Rolex/Pan Am relationship was mutually advantageous as both companies benefitted greatly from this type of exposure.It’s development can be attributed to a request from Pan Am airlines.As international long distance travel was becoming popular in the 1950s pilots required a watch to display Greenwich Meantime along with local time. Airline pilots of the time commanded almost rock star social status.

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