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The trouble, of course, is that even after the Deep State (a.k.a.

“The Swamp”) succeeds in quicksanding President Trump, America will be left with itself — adrift among the cypress stumps, drained of purpose, spirit, hope, credibility, and, worst of all, a collective grasp on reality, lost in the fog of collapse.

But obviously many people and institutions dedicate themselves to long-term thinking.Anything organized at the giant scale is headed for failure, so it comes down to a choice between outright collapse or severe re-scaling, which you might think of as managed contraction.That goes for government programs, military adventures, corporate enterprise, education, transportation, health care, agriculture, urban design, basically everything.So there must be a big emotional over-ride represented by the fear of letting go of what used to work that tends to disable long-term thinking.It’s hard to accept that our set-up is about to stop working — especially something as marvelous as techno-industrial society. If you want a chance at keeping on keeping on, you’ll have to get with reality’s program.

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