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Therefore, students can work independently at their own pace, but with support from teaching staff.

My transgression: I made a passing comment about how young people today seem to think weekend partying means racking up huge bar tabs, not BYOB-ing at a friend’s apartment. And yet it’s true: A lot of our grown-up children have a totally different attitude toward money than we did at their age (and even now).

And a good mattress and a (low-cost) gym memberships are good investments in their bodies.

Don’t say “You spent more on that bottle of single malt scotch than some third-world farmers earn in a year.”Conversation starter “It’s great that you appreciate the finer things in life, but is it really worth going into debt for luxuries? Housing Includes Living arrangements (e.g., roommates or not; a studio vs.

For the times when this room gets too busy, take a break.

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